onsdag 10 februari 2010


My visitors on this blog is mainly from abroad. That can seem to be a bit strange because I only write in Swedish!!

Well, until now.

There is only one reason for me not to write in English, and that is the spelling and the Gramma.

Im really bad in this and I really disklike not to get it perfect!

So, Who are you out there?

From all around the World (Amazing) that visit my blog every day!

Im blessed with so many viewers but I can not understand why haha...so why?

Maybee I end up in a classroom for English spelling so I can make myself understandable also for YOU ;)

Please dont tell me now that my spelling and gramma sucks, I just wrote that This is the problem!

Or, well, I have no problem with making my blog in Swedish...;)

Happy new day everyone ♥

2 kommentarer:

  1. Men det låter bra Carola :)

  2. Your english is just fine! Believe me! ;-) AND there are good online dictionaries that help get it right. I don't do one blog entry without my favorite dictionary. ;-)